once again we present you one of a follower of back to nature movement

a camouflaging hippie..
she camouflages into a trendy chick. as you know, that's the nowadays point of hippie-ism.
yoo are ya with us teenagers?

MEEEETTAAALLLL!! aming in girlie version.
her face is a joke

left-right: a vegetable seller, an asylum girl, a mad botch and last but not least, a house keeper

your sexxxy life must be followed by fucking trend.. yeah we can see it

SHOW YOUR SKUNKY ARMPIT! OH BABY, TOO BAD IT'S BLACK ALSO. think maybe you could use some deodorant once in a while? no? Hippie!

why did you make mothernature disappointed? I couldn't believe you, a hippie, wor those leopardish stuff..

weed you or weed-out you couple.
don't you think the boy beside her is on of the Jaka Sembung's clan

U better ask for her advice, a hippie who eat a silver necklace instead of a meat. Well done.. no wonder your sista got beaten oh her eyes which makes one of her eyelashes gone.