list of some unforgivable sins

he looked like another nu rave victim, nothing special

try to look deeper, think he's a turd who burns-a-cig-to-look-trendy

we warn you once again!

smoking is one of the lung cancer causes
even yeah, it makes you look much trendier than a local hype radio producer in town

we'll aye you to do dis..

taking a cigshit [say no with that cig in your finger]
and do your-not-a-stayer lifestyle!
uhh yeaaahh...
suck my dick bitch!

or dis..
[asking a girl to be your date at the corner of gang bajing]
yeaah i'm a layaa

and maybe dis..

posing as another metal boooi
and covering your face with an unauthentic axl-rose-face tee
dis is the most fashionable pose of me guys!

your pose reminds us to our recent metal boy, who pretendedly got a 'brain cancer' and asked us to delete him from our blog

this dude is totally booooooo

no wonder.. you both knew each other
Ps : this is my last cigarette before i quit smoking, swearr !

beside your those very bad sins, smoking and friended wif a fucking liar metal boi
you're also a

prostitute's manager
yeaaah i pimp every damsel who partied with me


take it easy maan! i am stop right now
quit smoking
quit from my job as a pimp and playa


i'd rather become a hide and seek playaPEACE EVERYBODY !!