For me, disco-ing on my bed is quite okay cause remember the fact that I'm still underage, thus I cannot enter a local hype club and blend with the coolest young-adult in town

But hell, I can always burn my cigarette anytime to look cool and mature, and I found zero problem with cigarette because I have some tips for you smokers!

first, put yo hand beside ur head, pretend that u got a headache. Last but not least, briefly lick your own lips until they get so wet and sexy...

TA DAAAAAA!! and the result will be perfectly like this! Thin and look-like-a-duck lips which are very famous in teenage girl pictures nowadays! But it's been copyrighted by ME so no one can steal my lips style cause I am fuckingtrendsetter

zoom in the lips.... ups sorry, I've brushed my teeth 10 times but still I couldn't rid that stupid green chili on my teeth

anyways, unfortunately I got caught by the security in Block D, the place where I always smoking at. He told me I could've got a cancer.. at the moment I didn't believe it.. until...

that stupidcockface security was right! I got lung cancer and brain tumor at the same time, owhh I think Im going to die within months..

flash back for a moment, this is my face in the past. cute but still horror, as what my tee's says.

this is my face then, of course the hair's fake, cancer made me totally bald as a dickhead
I 've lost my pink lips turnin to purple color, but It okay cause purple is the new pink!!

I warned you guys, smoking is definitely not good for your health but at least it can help you look cooler than a hype store keeper. ouch!