Marie Antoinette


welcome to the Metal life, this boy named Tiger and he is totally metal. He's even way more metal than Metallica (??)

even in a bunch of these spoiled humans, he is still metal

on a clown costume party, he keeps metal with his furry tiger mask. look at the guy behind him, he is getting horny.

when he removed his tiger mask, he banged some hot chicks with metal attitude also, but metal didn't wear that kind of necklace, prick.

The metal boy apparently going out to the disco with some not-that-famous-and-so-gay sinetron stars. He wants to spread his metal ideology. by the way, that chick's face is like a transsexual dancer.

a real metal or just a trendy pose?? because apparently u're such a social climber mix a liar..

okay, we already get enough of your metal pose, fag! you're goddamn metal poser. Bring ur hand to the rock band gig instead of socializing urself on the party that ur lousy friends throw and actually, they're the only one who know and will come to those uncool party.

someone behind the night queen mask says 'shut your fucking mouth up it's so stinky, asshole!'
metal boy said 'it's not my breath it's my armpit u bitch!'
left girl, 'ahikakakakhakaa ngikk ngiiik ngrook grook' (pig)

ohhhh okay now, we do understood why you're such a metal poser. U are a friend of the kucing garong guy from the hottest party in Kota! well well, just enjoy your fabulous metal-gay life with that kind of euw friend..

and maybe someday u'll marry this girlie aming, she's metal also, u might be interested to catch up with her..

and you do like a buffalo wanted to fuck with other male's buffalo on this shit. your pose makes u got brain cancer though

after u got brain cancer, ur pose's suddenly changed into..

we hope you puked on your own homo face because U GOT CAUGHT LYING TO US.. u probably don't know that, one of our crew is actually works for BIN and we know every little dirty side of you, fag!! hahaha

then u created a brand new pose.. which makes no difference to us...

still gay, but at least u gaining a cult behind you.. that's pretty good

are u trying to look sweeter than the other girls beside you?? in fact, she's doing it better than you, prick. shame on you for godsake!

the girl: "helllpppp hellllpppp please get me outta here, this lil s.o.b is trying to lick meee oh nooo!"
metal cancer boi: "no wait, I'm not trying to lick you I just wanted to take a pic of us with ma brand nu pose cause I heard that u're kind of.. famous,, it might help me to raise my social status when I tag you on facebook. 1..2..3.. bllllppppp!!"

anyways metal boy, we got a role model for you if u wanna try that kind of licking pose.. please do it with just a bit of manly attitude, thus u'll looking so metal like this..

or, instead of trying so hard to be a metal boy, u can just simply playing with your flowers.. we won't bother you.. u look so cute though

last but not least, please do not shame for yourself cause we got u here. It's such an honor actually..

also, don't cry like a baby and send us an e-mail ever again cause we'll find out somehow.
one thing u must do is KEEP UP YOUR SOCIAL ACTIVITY WITH YOUR NU RAVE ATTITUDE AND TAKE A SHITLOAD OF PICTURE OF IT then we'll put em here... again! ouccchhh!!!

ps: U should call massage man after posing like that thousand times, we do know it is so hard to accepted as a metal boy.. salam metaaaaal!!

list of some unforgivable sins

he looked like another nu rave victim, nothing special

try to look deeper, think he's a turd who burns-a-cig-to-look-trendy

we warn you once again!

smoking is one of the lung cancer causes
even yeah, it makes you look much trendier than a local hype radio producer in town

we'll aye you to do dis..

taking a cigshit [say no with that cig in your finger]
and do your-not-a-stayer lifestyle!
uhh yeaaahh...
suck my dick bitch!

or dis..
[asking a girl to be your date at the corner of gang bajing]
yeaah i'm a layaa

and maybe dis..

posing as another metal boooi
and covering your face with an unauthentic axl-rose-face tee
dis is the most fashionable pose of me guys!

your pose reminds us to our recent metal boy, who pretendedly got a 'brain cancer' and asked us to delete him from our blog

this dude is totally booooooo

no wonder.. you both knew each other
Ps : this is my last cigarette before i quit smoking, swearr !

beside your those very bad sins, smoking and friended wif a fucking liar metal boi
you're also a

prostitute's manager
yeaaah i pimp every damsel who partied with me


take it easy maan! i am stop right now
quit smoking
quit from my job as a pimp and playa


i'd rather become a hide and seek playaPEACE EVERYBODY !!

Feed Me

Jakarta's Next Top Shithead.
is that a girl shirt u wearing? you got so many rack of t-shirts there but u pick that one instead of others? u gotta brain damage dude.

are those legging or skinny jeans? isn't it hurts to wear something like that? oh I know your motto, Dress to Kill... awesome! you looked like a nu rave indie band's groupies with those big shades and skinny jeans like that, tell you.



ALIEN 2008 : Urban

oh we get it. your body is so flexible that fits to any size because of you are one of the alien's son, isn't it?? and that blue tee guy is your brother from another alien mother

tell your brother that bedroom is not a surfing place. there's no beach on outer space We know. Your bro also makes everybody afraid cause he looked like a dumb terrorist.

But please, do not be afraid of him!
No need to call 911 or call the nigga from men in black.
Jakarta got this


For me, disco-ing on my bed is quite okay cause remember the fact that I'm still underage, thus I cannot enter a local hype club and blend with the coolest young-adult in town

But hell, I can always burn my cigarette anytime to look cool and mature, and I found zero problem with cigarette because I have some tips for you smokers!

first, put yo hand beside ur head, pretend that u got a headache. Last but not least, briefly lick your own lips until they get so wet and sexy...

TA DAAAAAA!! and the result will be perfectly like this! Thin and look-like-a-duck lips which are very famous in teenage girl pictures nowadays! But it's been copyrighted by ME so no one can steal my lips style cause I am fuckingtrendsetter

zoom in the lips.... ups sorry, I've brushed my teeth 10 times but still I couldn't rid that stupid green chili on my teeth

anyways, unfortunately I got caught by the security in Block D, the place where I always smoking at. He told me I could've got a cancer.. at the moment I didn't believe it.. until...

that stupidcockface security was right! I got lung cancer and brain tumor at the same time, owhh I think Im going to die within months..

flash back for a moment, this is my face in the past. cute but still horror, as what my tee's says.

this is my face then, of course the hair's fake, cancer made me totally bald as a dickhead
I 've lost my pink lips turnin to purple color, but It okay cause purple is the new pink!!

I warned you guys, smoking is definitely not good for your health but at least it can help you look cooler than a hype store keeper. ouch!



ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ,
mom.. pardon me for being a follower of back to nature movement

i do not need to dress inside the house
i do not eat meat
and Albert Hoffman is my childhood hero

[touch me i'm sick!]


Yes you are! But, we wont!
Why wont you
go to the doctor?
do that meditation move, taking those stupid photos, talking about that psychedelic bullshit
and wishing people want to cure your 'unpredicted' illness


she probably a hardcore sex addict!
wanting you guys to put some cocks inside her mouth [in a time]
and spread your million sperms on her tongue

uhh yeaah yummieee.. uh ahh yeahh..

scroll down


have you been conditioned to stare into space when thinking about
ALIENS and E.Ts are THE HIPPIE want-to-be??


this dude directs transference of his thought to the NASA
as he tries to say..
that he loses his little green-reptoid girl
who has a huge obsession to be a hippshiit girl on the AREA 51

if you see a
suspicious symptom from her