welcome to the Metal life, this boy named Tiger and he is totally metal. He's even way more metal than Metallica (??)

even in a bunch of these spoiled humans, he is still metal

on a clown costume party, he keeps metal with his furry tiger mask. look at the guy behind him, he is getting horny.

when he removed his tiger mask, he banged some hot chicks with metal attitude also, but metal didn't wear that kind of necklace, prick.

The metal boy apparently going out to the disco with some not-that-famous-and-so-gay sinetron stars. He wants to spread his metal ideology. by the way, that chick's face is like a transsexual dancer.

a real metal or just a trendy pose?? because apparently u're such a social climber mix a liar..

okay, we already get enough of your metal pose, fag! you're goddamn metal poser. Bring ur hand to the rock band gig instead of socializing urself on the party that ur lousy friends throw and actually, they're the only one who know and will come to those uncool party.

someone behind the night queen mask says 'shut your fucking mouth up it's so stinky, asshole!'
metal boy said 'it's not my breath it's my armpit u bitch!'
left girl, 'ahikakakakhakaa ngikk ngiiik ngrook grook' (pig)

ohhhh okay now, we do understood why you're such a metal poser. U are a friend of the kucing garong guy from the hottest party in Kota! well well, just enjoy your fabulous metal-gay life with that kind of euw friend..

and maybe someday u'll marry this girlie aming, she's metal also, u might be interested to catch up with her..

and you do like a buffalo wanted to fuck with other male's buffalo on this shit. your pose makes u got brain cancer though

after u got brain cancer, ur pose's suddenly changed into..

we hope you puked on your own homo face because U GOT CAUGHT LYING TO US.. u probably don't know that, one of our crew is actually works for BIN and we know every little dirty side of you, fag!! hahaha

then u created a brand new pose.. which makes no difference to us...

still gay, but at least u gaining a cult behind you.. that's pretty good

are u trying to look sweeter than the other girls beside you?? in fact, she's doing it better than you, prick. shame on you for godsake!

the girl: "helllpppp hellllpppp please get me outta here, this lil s.o.b is trying to lick meee oh nooo!"
metal cancer boi: "no wait, I'm not trying to lick you I just wanted to take a pic of us with ma brand nu pose cause I heard that u're kind of.. famous,, it might help me to raise my social status when I tag you on facebook. 1..2..3.. bllllppppp!!"

anyways metal boy, we got a role model for you if u wanna try that kind of licking pose.. please do it with just a bit of manly attitude, thus u'll looking so metal like this..

or, instead of trying so hard to be a metal boy, u can just simply playing with your flowers.. we won't bother you.. u look so cute though

last but not least, please do not shame for yourself cause we got u here. It's such an honor actually..

also, don't cry like a baby and send us an e-mail ever again cause we'll find out somehow.
one thing u must do is KEEP UP YOUR SOCIAL ACTIVITY WITH YOUR NU RAVE ATTITUDE AND TAKE A SHITLOAD OF PICTURE OF IT then we'll put em here... again! ouccchhh!!!

ps: U should call massage man after posing like that thousand times, we do know it is so hard to accepted as a metal boy.. salam metaaaaal!!